How To Watch Underworld Movies In Order [Updated 2023]

Watch Underworld Movies In Order

Kate Beckinsale takes up the primary role of Selene in all but one of the films (and makes a brief cameo at the end of the other). Other well-known actors like Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen also have portrayed key roles throughout the trilogy.

Five movies and a group of short animated films have been released since the first movie debuted all the back in 2003, and there are still likely to be other installments in the saga.

The action-horror movie saga Underworld explores the fascinating history of two supernatural species: vampires and a particular breed of werewolves known as lycans (short for lycanthropes).

Len Wiseman, Kevin Grevioux, and Danny McBride together wrote and directed the dark-action-horror saga.

But what sequence should you view the films in if you’ve never seen them before? Actually, there are two doable solutions to this question, depending on whether you prefer to see them in the sequence they were released or in the order in which the events occur.

in a hurry? here is a quick guide to watch underworld Movies in Order!

This list is on the order of release with small synopsizes!

  1. Underworld (2003): This may be the first movie of the series, but it comes 2nd in chronological order. This movie presents us with the protagonist, Selene, and other important characters.
  2. Underworld Evolution (2006): Coming in 3rd chronologically, this movie is about the young Lycan Lucian and his fight against the Death Dealers and their leader, Viktor.
  3. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009): Lucian, a Lycan fostered by the vampire Viktor, navigates the incidents that led to the Vampire-Lycan war in the movie Rise of the Lycans. This movie is 1st in chronological order.
  4. Underworld: Endless War 1, 2, & 3 (2011): There are three segments to this short animated part of the series, i.e., Endless War 1, 2, and 3. You can effortlessly find these on YouTube!
  5. Underworld Awakening (2012): When Underworld: Awakening begins, the public and government have just found out about the presence of both vampires and Lycans.
  6. Underworld: Blood Wars (2016): Selene sets out on a mission to put an end to the ongoing dispute between the two races since she is being pursued by both the lycan tribe and the vampire clan that deceived her.

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Order of release Date:

Kate Beckinsale’s seductive vampire Selene and Scott Speedman’s rebellious werewolf Michael fall in love, but their respective clans despise them.

The lovers, who are persistently pursued by adversaries on all sides, look into their pasts as they search for their future.

1. Underworld (2003)

  1. IMDb Rating: 7/10
  2. Directed by: Len Wiseman

In the darkness of the night, vampires and their natural, vengeful werewolf foes, the Lycans, confront an ages-long dispute.

Selene, a vampire who was left orphaned after a vicious Lycan attack, serves the vampire clan as a skilled assassin.

When Michael Corvin, a brilliant human doctor, attracts the surprising attention of the Lycans, Selene fights to protect him from Lucian, a vicious Lycan leader who resolved to put an end to the vampire bloodline.

2. Underworld Evolution (2006)

Underworld Evolution
  1. IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
  2. Director: Len Wiseman

The film is the next installation and the second installment in the Underworld franchise, It takes place less than thirty minutes after the conclusion of its preceding movie.

The plot tracks the protagonists, Selene and Michael, as they look for clues to grasp the background of their species and the violent fights that have occurred between them. Along the way, they fight to protect the Corvinus bloodline from its hidden past.

Selene, at the end of the movie, says she is afraid that dark times are coming and that the boundaries between the species have blurred, but she is also hopeful that she will not have to confront the coming days alone.

3. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
  1. IMDb Rating: 6.5/10
  2. Director: Patrick Tatopoulos

The Lycans have been victimized by Viktor, the vicious king of the vampires, for generations. In order to defeat Viktor as well as his Death Dealer troops, the young Lycan Lucian organizes his people.

Lucian rallies the werewolves in a decisive battle to release themselves from captivity or perish trying, with his vampire secret girlfriend Sonja by his side.

4. underworld: Endless war (2011)

underworld: Endless war
  1. IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
  2. Directed by: Juno John Lee

Ever since she and her human-lycan boyfriend, Michael, vanquished Elder Marcus, human forces have been at war with both Lycans and vampires, and human hostage Selene has been held captive for years.

After the wakes up fifteen years later, Selene finds out that she has given birth to Michael’s child, a girl called Eve, but that Michael has passed away.

Even Selene, who has always managed to come up with a solution in the past, shunned by all but one remaining vampire, seems helpless against her most recent foe: a genetically enhanced lycan.

5. Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Underworld: Awakening
  1. IMDb Rating: 6.3/10
  2. Directed by: Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein

Selene must withstand barbaric attacks from both the vampire group that betrayed her and the Lycan clan, her natural enemy.

She teams up with David and Thomas and goes off on an assignment to put a stop to the persistent conflict between the two species, even if it means offering the ultimate sacrifice.

6. Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Underworld: Blood Wars
  1. IMDb Rating: 5.7/10
  2. Directed by: Anna Foerster

The Lycans are about to entirely eradicate the surviving vampire covens. Both species are looking for Selene: the Lycans, commanded by Marius, want to use her to find Eve, whose blood holds the key to creating a legion of vampire-werewolf hybrids, while the vampires want retribution for the death of Viktor.

The last installation of the saga follows Selene attempting to navigate through these challenging times and how she works to righten everything in time.

Chronological Order

  1. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
  2. Underworld (2003)
  3. Underworld Evolution (2006)
  4. Underworld: Endless War 1, 2, & 3 (2011)
  5. Underworld Awakening (2012)
  6. Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Note: While Underworld: Endless War 1, 2, & 3 are all released in the same year (2011), the 3rd part takes place after Underworld: Awakening (2012).

It is urged that you watch the 3rd part after watching Underworld: Awakening. Though it should not cause you any complications if you watch it before.


Now that you know two different types of lists on how to see the Underworld Series, you can go ahead and binge over the weekend! But before you go, make sure to check out our FAQs beneath!


Which apps can I watch Underworld on?

You can enjoy Underworld Series on Hulu, Vudu, Prime Video and/or ROW8!

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